Poor performance on MobileContentScaleFactor < 1

It’s strange but if I set MobileContentScaleFactor to smaller value than 1 performance is worse but should be better…
I tested this issue on Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II. On Nexus 4 works good but on Note II not.
For example on Note II with MobileContentScaleFactor=0.5 my game achieve 15 FPS and resolution is worse but with MobileContentScaleFactor=1 has 30 FPS…

Anyone knows what’s going on?

Hi gameDNA studio,

Setting the MobileContentScaleFactor to 0.5 should render about a quarter of the pixels (half width and half height). Which model is the Note II? Also, are you using MobileHDR or not? Try turning it off is so and see if it behaves as expected.

MobileHDR is off. It’s this model:
MobileContentScaleFactor on Note II renders about a quarter of the pixels but performance is worse than it’s running in native resolution so it’s very strange!

Ok, since the phone is 720 x 1280 and this matches the resolution MobileContentScaleFactor=1 creates, maybe it is performing better when it doesn’t need to render to a smaller buffer and scale it up into the target for the swap. I wouldn’t have expected that much of a performance hit, though.