Poor branching opportunities in animation blueprint.

Actually is not very straightforward to switch off part of the animation process without making the network unnecessarely complex(es duplicating nodes and making the network sensibly grow).
Blend by bool seem to be the most trivial options for generic branching, but doesn’t seem to be very pratical nodewise with the animation blueprint constraints/rules.

For instance in animation content example there is a blueprint with foot ik and head scaling… now say that I want to disable both ik raycast in actor blueprint and ik calculation and the scaling in animation blueprint completely skipping them not just calculating them with “pass trough values”( es unit scale in the head scaling case) all this with a couple of bool vars.

now immagine other kind of similar branches for other kind of animation eyecandy or even gameplay required features to be toggled.

I’m new of ue4(couple of days use), but I cannot figure out an elegant way to do it.
Trying to implement a similar scenario to get a fully functional thing I end up with a very poor graph representation as animation blueprint doesn’t even use all the tricks you can use with normal blueprints to clear complex graphs out and possibly poor performances due to duplicating nodes(solved by caching) and possibly few additional local to component and component to local translations I have to put to stick all things together.

If this issue will be taken in consideration please contact me for additional feedback on the subject.