Poof Potion Pack

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The Poof Potion Pack is great for fantasy and medieval games. Quickly populate your alchemist shelves and add a bit of awe to your dungeon loot with these 20 high quality potion bottles. Each bottle allows for the colors to be adjusted through the material properties and you can also remove or change the labels on any bottle that has a label on it. Rescale bottles, change the colors and make your own labels to create new versions of the bottles for infinite possibilities.


Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: 2048x2048, 1024x1024, 512x512
Collision: Yes, Custom
Vertex Count: 722 (lowest) to 4756 (highest)
LODs: No
Number of Meshes: 20
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 46
Number of Textures: 108
Engine Compatibility: 4.11+
Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: Windows PC
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: Many materials can simply have material instances created to easily adjust colors and replace labels with your own custom labels. The label’s diffuse alpha channel is the opacity mask for the label.

This package has been approved. It is scheduled for release on May 25th.

These look so good! I just purchased :slight_smile:

Out of curiousity, can I separate the potion corks/stoppers easily? I’m making a VR game and being able to pull out the corks would be awesome. I can separate them out by hand myself if need be, just wondering if they are already set up that way (haven’t had a chance to add them to a project yet), or if you might be willing to separate them for an update.

Awesome work :smiley:

No, they’re not setup to have the cork removed but several of the bottles do have complete corks. Meaning that you can take a good portion of the models into Maya and manually separate them and the cork will be a full model. Not all of them are like that but all the ones with any kind of transparency have a complete cork. If that makes sense.

(Also, a request. If you could please rate the pack that’d be great. I get sales on my packages but rarely are they ever rated. Thanks :D)

Sounds good, I will probably just stick to separating the ones that have full geometry, as I’m not comfortable enough with 3D packages to add faces (and I’m guessing that would mess up the UVs probably anyway), but seperating out the full-geometry corks shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, went and rated :slight_smile: I’ve been needing this exact pack, so thanks again!

Because, you know…