Ponytail physics, animDynamics or phat?

I have a character with ponytail and want to add realtime physics movement to it. I tried using the animDynamics chain option, but couldnt get it to work the way I want. It doesnt seem to respect bone lengths so the hair just stretches down to the floor like goo or something. Couldnt find the correct settings to get even close.

Second thing I tried was using PHAt stuff. That worked better but still couldnt get it to run stable in all occasions, sometimes bodies would just start to flip uncontrolled when the hair formed a straight line. It was waay too reactive to sudden movement and rather floaty (like underwarter) on small movements.

Some of you must have done this type of thing in the past right? How did you go about it?

is This what you have tried as the first option?https://youtube.com/watch?v=Jq0pB2Um_pA
I put the link just in case. But you probably already see it.

Thanks buddy, but thats not my issue, im way past that. Im looking for good settings on phat or animDynamics or something else that can give a stable and realistic simulation.
I might do a video about it explaining what ive tried so far and showing what ive got out of it, hopefully then someone can contribute :slight_smile:

Got it working! Using animDynamics node and some tutorial without sound. (Here in case anyone needs it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAEy2aoioP4)
**** this animDynamics node is good. It looks really nice and behaves extremely stable. Love it!