Ponytail bones

Hello there, I have relatively little experience with bones and rigging and the such, so be prepared to explain things to me like I’m 5. So I’ve got this guy with a ponytail, which I rigged at mixamo, and I was trying to rig the ponytail so that I may use kinematic physics (god I hope that’s right) on it. I did something similar with a Link model and his hat once. Well, I finally got his ponytail all nice and working in 3ds max (as shown here)

The issue is I cannot get these (or any other bones for that matter) do not import into UE4, no idea what I’m doing wrong here (although there are probably several things.)

Any ideas friends?

Yeah still need an answer, idea, though, something on this. Anybody? Really?

When you export as an fbx, you need to make sure bones is ticked under the animation section of the exporter.