POM material

This is very promising, POM + Decals = happy me.

would be nice if soemone can share this shader setup / offer to download… )

Already did:

Any idea why this works fine on brushes (without silhouette) but not on landscape?

What’s the exact issue(tiling, morphing, not working at all)? Works just fine on landscapes for me.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t any POM effect once I apply it to my landscape. When put in a static mesh or brush it pokes my eyes out, but it’s flat on the landscape.

I did just copy the material code, apply my own textures and slap it on the landscape, is there anything I missed that I need to do to get it to work?

I’ve tried epics bump offset function and it works fine on landscape, but when I use Ehamloptiran’s shader it it doens’t work on landscape. Can’t figure out why.

Im getting the same result. When I get some time, I will dig in deeper.

How do you produce those heightmaps, Software, and things to take care before making them =? any link ?

I didn’t actually generate any of those heightmaps, two of them are common heightmaps for showing off POM. The others are just the alpha maps from the textures stripped out into their own texture. Im sure there would be ways to bake the height from 3dsmax or maya or blender. But I dont know these methods.

Great, thanks!

There are lots of softwares you can use, either baking them in 3dsmax, xnormal or similar or you can use softwares such as ndo, crazybump, substance designer, bitmap2material and so on to derive them from normal maps or other maps.

Or, if you have complex geo in Maya or Max, and want to bake it down to a height map:

Project a 0-1 ramp in X or Z onto your mesh, ensuring the bounds of the projection match your mesh bounds, then render that with an orthographic top-down camera.

Obviously if your mesh is facing in a direction other than up, you’ll have to project and render from slightly different angles, but it should make sense…

Turns out the landscape issue is caused by the height map texture sample parameter. If you simply rename it to something different than ‘HeightMap’ or use a regular TextureSample node it’ll work.

And again you have saved the day mAlkAv!an. That worked perfectly.

Indeed, not the first time mAlkAv!An save me from spending hours trying to figure stuff out. Thank you both for all the help, this was very useful!

Awesome shader ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !

I’ve made kind of function from this shader, to make it more handy.
But i have run into issue with attempt to make it work with composite heightmaps. Any ideas ? :frowning:

I belive that happens because of “Texture2D_0.SampleGrad” , but not sure.

that parallax occlusion mapping (POM) node in the material editor… someone here coded it in? because i dont have it in my 4.5.

if yes, would id be possible to also code SceneCaptureReflectActor? it was in UDK and it is an essential block for something like proper mirror material.

It’s a ‘custom’ node, I.e. right-click in the material editor and select the custom node. You can type in HLSL to the node to effectively create your custom nodes.

As TheJamsh said, its a custom node in the Material Editor. I want to look at doing a SceneCaptureReflectActor at some point, but I do remember one of the Epic devs saying he has been working on one on his Free Friday sessions. So he may already be nearly done, and don’t really want to work on something that is already being worked on.

great news, thanks.