POM material shadows from directional light?

Hi I’m trying to create a POM material with shadows from a directional light. But I can’t seem to get it to work. If I use “GetWorldLocation” in the blueprint it works, but not when using “Get Forward Vector”.

When using a get forward vector it seems to input some set default value, I’m guessing 0,0,0 or something. The shadows I get on my material are basically projected directly from the side and do not update when rotating my directional light.

So I’m thinking the vector might have to be reformatted somehow before being plugged into the POM function in the material? The setup I made is basically the same as the one in the pom shadow content examples, except for a spherical light I want to use a directional light as input.

Or I’m missing something in how I set up the blueprint, as I’m pretty novice with blueprints currently? Any help appreciated.