polys count per object

I am going to do a level… I’m not clear about the polys count per object… Is it OK if each object 10k in polys
Thank you

It depends on many factors—usually you want to go with the lowest reasonable polygon count, but many things will affect performance so if you don’t have a lot of other stuff going on then you could increase the polygon count

Darthviper107 is right, it all depends on exactly what it’s for. In all honesty, you should be more worried about things such as using occlusion effectively and material complexity. And as long as you properly implement LODs, you shouldn’t have to worry much about poly counts. (Still don’t go crazy with it though.)

On mobile there is hardlimit of 65535 vertices.

A good rule of thumb I always try to follow is if the poly affects the silhouette, keep it, if it doesn’t change the silhouette, delete it :slight_smile: