Polyphoria port onto Metahuman

Hello Metahuman Community,

I‘m very happy to announce that we’re planning to publish to our Marketplace products with Metahuman tall Basebody support at first. This decision was made after some amazing responses from our marketplace community.

For those that don‘t know us:
The core of our character focused pipeline is the modular creation of characters with a wide varity of costumes.

Here is a first peak what we‘re up to:

We created a survey to collect some user votes what might be wished for to port our products over.
It would be great if you could give us a minute of your time and share your opinion:

Right now Metahuman is in early access and we‘d like to publish this update once Metahuman moves into the Betaphase. As we all know from production things might change, but we believe our preperations with the meta_base_skeleton are shaping up really well.

We won‘t try to „resell or sell“ Metahumans – simply support creators with our products.
We‘re not allowed to submit any Asset/Basebodys created with Metahuman. Therefore please keep in mind that you have to export these by yourself. A lot of adjustments have to be made to make them fit to more realistic proportions.

In general the Metahuman system is very well designed, but I‘d love to get some more insights how to adapt skin parts correctly for a different type of content – e.g. shoulderpads; elbowpads; kneepads, etc. Maybe Epic can share some more details/samples for these additional layers with Metahuman!?

We keep you updated in this thread when we update of our products.
We wish you all a fun with the amazing Metahuman creator.


Hello hello, i forgot to share the latest news.
Medieval product support is live: Medieval NPC + Armour on Metahumans - YouTube

Character Editor + Soldiers will come next.

Hey guys, new update for Character Editor and Modern MIlitary Bundle:

Next one will be Heavy Armour.

Hello there,

our next Metahuman ports are live:

Medieval Armour and Medieval NPC got skinning and cloth updates.
Heavy Armour initial port pass.

Cultist and Fantasy Armour are WIP - we plan to put these on the tal_unw archetype.
Feel free to leave us a comment in case you have any questions,

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Overview July 2022

We have updated 80% our Character packs to UE5/Metahuman.


Caster- Mages

Modular Skeleton Army

Modular Elves

Modular Barbarian

Modular Heavy armour

Modular medieval NPC

Medieval Armour

Modern Military

Character Editor

Western NPC

Citizens - firefighters, policeman, chef, clerk, waiter, doctor and construction worker are also ported over.

We decided to put the Caster & Cultist still on the NRW Body morphology- keep consitency between our products. Some chest skin might stick through make sure the head and hands are only used for these costumes → NRW basebody has to beefy arms and torso for a caster archetype :wink:

Feel free to reach out to us in case you have some questions.