Polymorphism and Blueprints Support


We are using Unreal 4.8.

We have a fairly basic class hierarchy in our Blueprints (APawn(code)->OurPawn (code)->BaseClass (Blueprints)->Multiple sub classes(Blueprints) )

Without getting into specifics, we are finding the support for polymorphism in Blueprints lacking and very fragile. For example:

  • Adding new functions to the base
    class or moving logic from a sub
    class to the parent frequently cause
    crashes deep in the engine. Attempting to refactor logic from a sub class to the base is a painful experience :slight_smile:
  • Functions in the base class sometimes
    appear in the sub class in the
    override section, other times they
    don’t. This feels like a showstopper
    if we can’t rely on being able to
    override functions. There are posts about a hack to add a return value to force them to show, but we have found this isn’t reliable.

Does Epic recommend anything beyond an extremely trivial use of inheritance in Blueprints?

Do you use it in any of your internal projects?



Did you try using interfaces ? It did the work for me.