Polymodels Traffic Car

Polymodels Traffic Car - game ready solution for easy creation of vehicles traffic or prototyping your racing game. In a few simple steps the user will be able to create busy traffic for their next project, be it arch viz or a racing game. The assets included in the package (cars, traffic lights, traffic signs) together will create a realistic environment of streets, roads or racing track.

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST - demos, tutorials, trailers](UE4 Polymodels Traffic Cars - YouTube)
Featured in the game on Steam (free to play)](Prototype ONE DAY I AM on Steam)


Road traffic solution -

  • traffic light manager

  • master/slave traffic light modes

  • road signs, speed limit, stop

  • car avoidance system

  • street and track spline builder blueprints

Spline follow modes -

  • autonomous traffic car

  • autonomous racing car

  • first person driving

Animation blueprints -

  • animated driver character

  • animated steering wheel

Car special effects -

  • car passing by effect

  • engine sound effect

  • skid mark effect

Car customisation -

  • random or editable car registration number

  • body colour, interior colour, glass, wheel materials

  • car light system (headlights, stop, reverse, turn)

  • rust effect for car body material

  • decals - police, fire and ambulance emergency vehicle textures included

  • mods - grill guard, roof rails and roof box, police lights included

  • skid/drift and slope/hill control

  • Rear view mirror

  • Animated dashboard material with speedometer and tachometer

  • Internal and external cameras with zooming and orbiting functionality

  • Standard UE4 car setup

Number of Blueprints: 23

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop and mobile

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop and mobile

Platforms Tested: Windows, HTML5

Documentation: comments alongside blueprints and materials

Important/Additional Notes: Platforms Tested - Windows

Just got it and started diving into the blueprints. The amount of included detail features is really much appreciated and makes this template a good starting point in my view, thank you. Are you planning to re-release your former Cars packs for this? I’d be interested then.


Thank you HaBe2305,
The previous releases of the cars are prepared and ready for use with the new package. You could see the video here and download the Polymodels Cars Bundlle here for free. We have combined all the cars into one pack and added example levels, like in the Polymodels Traffic Car. The installation is very easy: download the archive and put the content of the archive into the Content folder of your project. Important note: your Content folder should have Polymodels Traffic Car inside so Polymodels Cars Bundle will work properly.
Please let us know should you have any ideas or issues regarding the use or development of the Poymodels Traffic Car.

Best regards, Team Just wow for now. The amount of features and content with the additional free bundle for the price tag is amazing. Thank you very much for giving so much for so little. I also just got a spline based procedural road generation tool and while watching your videos, my first thought for improvement immediately was that creation for those lane splines the cars are following should be automated in some form. Since the roads I’m using are already based on a spline, that should be doable. I’ll give it a try and let you know should I be able to achieve anything if you’re interested. I’ll also take notes for other possible improvements/additions and post them here then in case there’s something I can think of. Thanks for being open to suggestions.

Thank you HaBe2305,
we are certainly are open for suggestions to implement new features in the pack. As for the automated spline lane generation you mentioned, the original idea of the pack was that the user could use any tool available to make the splines to follow. It’s definitely doable to make a blueprint which will make the roads and lanes automatically, as long as the user could explain what functionality is expected. Well, having a full fledged traffic simulator would certainly be for another asset and also a much higher price tag. But what would be nice to have in your asset as a starting helper and point of extension by the user would be some blueprint tool that generates a configurable amount of lane splines parallel to a selected center road spline (I’m using Snappy Roads tool right now for road creation which is also spline based). How those splines connect at crossings, intersections and how the AI reacts at these places is certainly up to the user to work out then. But I think a little helper like that would speed up the creation process by a fair amount when incorporating your traffic system into any spline based project setting, so it would be universal enough to be of use for anyone. Don’t get me wrong, really just suggesting right now. I’m more than happy with what I already got from you.

I can’t change the scale of the car when i add it to the Roadspline. The scale is returning to the default scale, is there a way to change the scale and keeping it when the car is added to the spline ? Do you have discord ?

Generally it’s not a good idea to change the scale of the actor blueprint with skeletal mesh in it. You will get the physics with unpredictable result. In the level blueprint and in the car blueprint there are a few functions that use the set actor transform which are return the actor scale to the 1,1,1. You can try to change these functions by yourself, at your risk, because the package doesn’t have this functionality.

No, we don’t have the discord yet. We might add it later. Hey there, just wanted to hint to you that your free car addition pack still has the now deprecated “Bind Event to On Animation Finished” node in the “Driving” level blueprint and gives compile errors. Easy to fix, but I thought I’d give the info anyways. I guess that fix also was what the latest update on the marketplace was for?

Best Regards.

Hello HaBe2305 and thank you for your message and for your review on the marketplace!

Our guess is you have opened one of the version of the package with the wrong version of the UE4 editor. There are two versions of the pack - the first one is for UE4 v. 4.18-4.21 and the second one is for UE4 v. 4.22-4.24. It should be no errors with the right version of the editor. Please let us know if this is the case so we could investigate further.


I checked again on your homepage, now I can see that there’s a new version of the pack. When I wrote my last message, there only still was V02 available. So maybe it was just an overlap between the update on the marketplace, me checking on your HP and you uploading V03. Never mind then. As a sidenote, only from checking on your homepage it’s not clear what’s the difference between V02 and V03, so maybe adding one setence to the description that makes it clear (like you did here now) would help others to avoid confusion.
Thanks again and all the best.

I’m having trouble with the vehicles overshooting the spline. Even splines with wide turns result in vehicle overshoot. How can I avoid?

what do you mean “overshooting”? Can you clarify, please?

i was looking into it to save my time for an animation to illuestarte how traffic system works on a 4 way intersection.

i just tried your demo .

and i notiched on 4 way interactions,
cars only driving on straight path .

how hard it is to make them randomly choose left /right or staright path as well randomly ?


The cars in demo crossing the junction in straight line because they follow the splines, which are straight. If you would put in your level splines that turn at the junction then the car will turn, following the spline assigned to this car. In your blueprint you will need to reassign the car to another spline so the car will be able to change the route (change the spline to follow). Our system based on splines, no on the targets, that’s the difference.
Hope this answer your question.


Hello! I am planning to buy your asset as it really looks very impressive and at a nice price. Please tell me if you have any plans to spawn / remove cars in real time? As I understood from the tutorials, in your asset at the level there is a certain number of cars and each has its own spline. It would be great to have dynamic spawn of cars and assign random splines to them ONLY close to the camera / player, which would create really big traffic without a heavy load on performance (my city has a rather large area and it would be very unpleasant for FPS to create more than a thousand cars)

Hi, thank you for your question. The main goal of our package is to provide a solution to find a precise location of any object (the car in our particular case) on a spline as quick as possible. In fact our function does it in three iterations (three ticks) initially, and after initiation - at every tick of the engine, regardless of the length of the spline and the distance from last to current location and number of spline points. There is only a couple of ways to do it with the highest precision. We understand that this could be useful for projects like traffic simulation, racing games etc. The package could be used to simulate the pedestrian traffic as well, every project actually will benefit where you need to track the location along the spline at real time.

Regarding your question, you are talking about a fully functional AI system for traffic simulation. We did plan to include some sort (limited however) of such system, but then decided not to do it,
because every project is unique and requires its own AI solution. It’s too many ways to achieve the result that you are looking for.


Hello there!

Our package is featured in the game called “ONE DAY I AM”](Prototype ONE DAY I AM on Steam) and it is available for downloading (free to play) on Steam here!