Polymer Converter

I wanted to put a blueprint in a structure to convert organic polymer in polymer.
Could someone help me?

Set the “Default Inventory Engrams” to include your new engram and then add 1 more to “Default Engram”. Set this value to 1 (This makes it visible; Credit for this knowlege comes from alley_killa on the discord). Finally add it to your “PrimalGameData_BP” (or what ever you renamed it) under the setting “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes”.

That is for the new polymer that created (which only need one organic polymer for crafting) make a new correct engram?
And shot self craft, and add this new engram

u dont need to make it an engram u can set it as a blueprint in the new structure in its inventory BP

Spezz How to do that can help me?

did u set up the BP to convert the polymer already?

to convert organic polymer to reg i did 3:1 ratio 3 organic to 1 polymer but u can set it to what ever you want i made a copy of reg polymer and looked for:
Base Crafting

then i looked for:
Don’t Actually Craft

Then i looked for:
Crafting Additional items to give

this will make it so when put organic polymer in u can craft it to give u reg ark polymer and if u want to set it to auto craft look for this:

Auto Craft BP

In prymalresource_polymerN (my polymer) correct?

really doesnt matter just make sure the parent of the BP is 449c9494bbf94bcd93fb510bc4efb18e.png

One question.
I copied the jerky and changed to the name: PrimalItemConsumable_CookedMeat_JerkyN; and just put faster.
But the jerky stack is 30, but on my server the stack puts up to 500.
How do I make it work in all stacks?

Spezz ad me in steam please (Steam: TutoDS) - send invite

k i will add u now

after a reboot of the server, I must lift the converter and stand up again, so that it produces resources again

What could be wrong?

I did not realize, sorry.
You tested my mod?


Please red new post

I have made a separate converter according to this manual here.
It converts to resourcen in Black Pearl, anglers gel Rare Flower and Zementing paste.

Only I have the problem that will be converted to a restart of the server no things, I have to pick up the converter and stand up again, then it converts again.