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Hello Everyone,

We will try to keep you guys updated with what is happening with our products in this page.
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It is really hard to keep track of the comments on the product page. Do not expect a quick answer there.

A quick description of what we are aiming for:

**Produce AAA quality products that are optimized and simple to use. **

We have long years of experience developing for VR and other platforms ranging from mobile, consoles and PCs.
The quality of our products is achieved without the use of expensive shaders, massive amount of vertex or wasting your precious “draw calls”.

As start we would like to show a package that has been released today:

[Fish Men in Characters - UE Marketplace

](Fish Men in Characters - UE Marketplace)

Fantasy Horde - Ogres has been included a couple months ago:


Hello @Polygonmaker, The Modular Fantasy Horde Ogres is very impressive. High Quality modular assets such as this package are what we seek to populate with. Any plans to provide additional Themes and Styling Packs for the Fantasy Horde Ogres, such as Sci-Fi Armor & Melee weapons?

Sci-Fi ogre?! This sounds really interesting. No plan for anything like that soon, but this is definitely something that we will add to our “to do” list.
Thanks for your suggestion!

@Polygonmaker we’re very glad to help. We also understand how much time its takes to create high quality modular accessory packs. Would you be opposed to licensing the rights to other 3D Artists to create Theme/Style Accessory Packs for your Characters. You earn 20% commission on the sales of their Accessory Packs.

@TheGameDevStore can you please send a email to explaining what you have in mind?

Knights - Plate Armor now live at Unreal Marketplace!

Fantasy Horde - Demons is now live at Marketplace

Heroes - Dark Knight is now live!

Hello Everyone,

This month we will celebrate Polygonmaker anniversary!
**All Polygonmaker packages gonna be 50%OFF **on 9th and 10th of March at Unreal Marketplace!
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Hello Everyone,

POLYGONMAKER ANNIVERSARY SALE HAS STARTED! On 9th and 10th of March all our packs with 50%OFF at Unreal Marketplace!