Polygonal Mesh Designer


Hi guys,

I have been researching on procedural mesh creation for quite a while, and I made a system that lets you create an n sided polygons with ability to customize position of each vertex.Works way faster than BSP.


Ah, wanted to make something similar, but with a bit different algorytm. Anyway, great stuff!

I am not wrong, then you cannot use baked lighting on procedural meshes.

Waou! Great tool! I guess it will be usefull for some people :wink: gg
And yep static Lighting doesn’t work with BP_Object…

Thanks , but only some people ? :(. I will try my best to add as many functionalities within this as possible , not to mention the included BP functional library can aid you greatly in creating your own procedural mesh. Torus , tube , pipes ? We are covered :D. More on that later…

What would really sell me on it would be if you had a finalize button of sorts that would save the mesh data and convert it into a static mesh so it could use baked lighting.

Actually proc mesh cannot be exported directly via blueprints only. You have to write your own fbx/obj exporter in C++, using the vertices , triangles , uvs , normals and material sections of your current proc mesh. I am not submitting any C++ code here.
This is mainly aimed to provide you the aid that you need to create your own custom proc meshes , that you might find useful in number of applications , maybe if you want to create a building system or a city , or bridges , or even array of tubes , fences , procedurally.
I am solely focussing on providing a range of functionalities that will highly reduce the need of BSPs or using 3ds max at all for basic or complex geometrical shapes.

Array Mode Functionality - With Array Blueprint you can place several instances of your procedural mesh in a pattern , to create shapes like stairs , handrails and archways.


This is awesome! Keep it up, great work!

Creating Custom Floors - >

Creating ArchWays - Part 1 - >

Creating ArchWays - Part 2 - >

Looks intressting, looking forward to what features you will add :slight_smile:

Array Implementation - Creating L-Shaped Stairs


Hey! ‘Some’ or ‘A lot’…you never know :wink:

**This is a video demonstration of how you can use composite array system to quickly replicate a group of proc meshes and their arrays.

When will this be coming out?

Video demonstration ->

Couple of houses made completely made using this system ->

Any news on this? Has this been released somewhere yet?