Polygon reduction tool - subscription edition released

Hello everyone,

Are you seeking a standalone polygon reduction tool for both Mac OS X and Windows?

I have just released the subscription edition at Fast Spring, only $10/month, $80 to own it permanently.

The tool can imports FBX files, reduce polygon counts, then export to FBX files, works for both static meshes and rigged meshes.

Details refer to my website:



Why is this subscription based?

Because simplygon is a fairly pricy alternative. Not to mention, it is convenient to have such a program in a professional pipeline.

I wish Unreal marketplace have a tools category, not just selling assets.

Well yes and no.

Any tool sold as a subscription will at some point exceed it’s fair market value as compared to the same tool sold as a one time cost.

As presented as a product this particular tool is common in most applications like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender and even Daz Studio so my concern and as my reason for the question is why is the use of a hammer subjected to a monthly subscription fee?

My concern here as well is the general trend towards renting under a subscription plan of useful tool sets that could be affordable as a one time cost where the share volume of needed basic tools becomes very expensive with in the hidden cost as amortized over a year.

101 stuff over time renting, subscribing over time cost you more with the only benefit is renting your tools can be written of as a tax deduction.

Hi I’ve read your website. It seems interesting and I am looking at the mesh reduction options at the moment and agree simplygon is beyond us bedroom game makers with families to feed etc.

My question is will you be planning to integrate this with UE4 like you have with Unity so it would be within the UE4 editor and allow the progressive mesh reduction feature? If you did would probably give you a huge advantage and my vote/purchase.


Soo, whats the benefit of this compared to mayas poly reduce tool + some python for all other features?
If youre a proficient maya user and know some python, you can pretty much do anything the tool offers already inside the ddc app. No need for additional dedicated program and an other subscription.

Id be interested, do you have any selling arguments for that kind of user-base?

I had studied the source code of Unreal engine, unfortunately, I have not found a method to integrate the progressive mesh feature to the engine.

Maya has its poly reduce tool, but it is not as good as this tool.

I started to create this tool for my own 3d game for iOS since 2011, because no commercial polygon reduce tools can reduce my huge 3d models to low polygon count.

I also released the standalone edition on Autodesk Exchange Store, they added this tool as a featured app in both 3ds Max section and Maya section.

I agree to you, so we also have a standalone edition, users can own it permanently for one time cost.

I also published an ASO website, I use it myself to boost my downloads in USA market, I’v achieved four times boost of downloads count per day after ASO for USA market.

I give it as a gift to all indie developers, completely free, enjoy it!