Polycounts of metahuman wrinkle maps

Hello, what are the polycounts on the face with wrinkle maps (or at least a picture of the topology) and could I integrate them into the blendshapes on lod0?

Are you referring to the normal maps?

Yeah, could you anyone reading this tell me what polycounts would be as if they were geometry? Or at least tell me that if I were to convert them to geometry if the lod0 face model would be sufficient for integrating them into the blendshapes?

I guess I’m confused as to what it is you’re trying to do. You want to rather than have normal maps apply the wrinkle details, apply wrinkles into the geometry itself through blendshapes? In that case even with lod0 you aren’t going to have sufficient geometry to deform cleanly. That’s why it’s applied through baked normal maps from higher resolution sculpts.

Is there a particular reason you’re looking to avoid the normal blend method out of curiosity?

Normal maps can be derived from models with millions of polygons; you wouldn’t want to simulate this with geometry if you can help it.

The reason is that 2 reasons, 1, I think it looks better if the deformations are built into the mesh (or at least displaced as actual geometry) as to me, as with normal maps, I can tell the lack of deformations on the lips (that was the only thing that took me out of the matrix awakens, which tells me it’s this as otherwise, the 4d facial capture was great), and 2, so I have a base to start when I use the blendshapes as art directed rest shapes for enhancing the inbetweens of the rig with ziva to add a fleshy quality to the rig.