Polycount Tips/Help?

I have been working on a fighting game for a really long time, and it was a hard decision, but we decided to scrap the characters that were made, and make fresh characters in ZBrush, for high quality detail. In this fighting game, only two players will be on the screen, filled with animations, along with a stage to fight in. When we were creating these characters, we found it difficult to maintain great detail under 150k polygons, OUCH, so are two players on the screen combining to around 300k polygons going to be too much trouble for consoles and computers, if so, do we need to just remake them and try to keep under a certain amount?

Thanks in advance.

I had a look at the Elemental Demo supplied not that long ago and from what I could see there was usually and average of 1 - 2 million triangles in the scene. See if you can find any dev content for the UFC games, it kinda sounds like you are going for that kind of quality.

For Epic game’s Paragon, their polygon budget is 85k Tris per character, I’ve heard the 80k number thrown around for other AAA games, but 150k seams like over kill, especially for a fighting game where the characters are going to zoomed out enough to see their entire body.

Have you tried baking down hipoly mesh data to a normal map to be used on your lowpoly models? This is a common technique that you should try, since you can likely commit a 4K texture or two to each of your fighters.

Hi questionguy!

150K is WAY overkill for a realtime character. The best way to achieve detail as LeoIM mentioned would be higher resolution maps. You could even have the characters split into 2 maps (one for head and one for body) for better detail on the face.

The most important thing when it comes to the actual character model is the silhouette. Use those extra polys where you need nice curves or extra edgeloops for animation. What you shouldn’t worry about is wrinkles, pores and other tertiary details being modeled into the mesh. These can all be achieved with skillful use of your maps.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about topology and map baking for games, if you’d like me to give you some advice or take a look at your models let me know! I’d be happy to help out and point you in the right direction.

150k is likely bit overkill but if you only ever has two character per screen it’s not going to be problem. Even high end mobile devices can run 300k triangles. Right question would be: Would that performance be wiser to use something else.
If you have loads of dynamic shadowing casting lights then it probably will be a problem sooner.

I have a prop that’s about 36,000 tri’s - that too much for an adventure game? :\ I’ve been keeping things at about 10,000 tri’s or less so I know this is on the high-end…