Polycount question

Hi everyone. Some help please.

I am building a 3d game for PC, an adventure exploration type, something like Myst. I am building the levels in 3ds max. Now I would like to know how much should be my target poly count for each level in 3ds max in order to provide smooth frame rates on an average 2017 gaming PC? or how much total tris in UE4 for a whole level?

3ds Max polycounts aren’t going to be particularly accurate or relevant since UE4 is going to cull stuff that isn’t on screen. And instancing, LODs, and HLOD, etc will help cut down the polycounts. Keep draw calls down is more important, as well as making sure materials are cheap. It’s not uncommon for a modern game to have 2 million tris on screen at a time.

There’s also a lot of other factors that can affect the performance of a game than just the polygon count.