PolyCar - Car physics assets


Hi all!

I am pretty excited to tell my first Unreal pack has arrived in the marketplace :smiley:

Link to marketplace:

Demo video

Jump in video:

Trailer video (with preview of the included test track).

This pack gives you a basic car setup. You can see how some key elements in making your own car game have been set up. All elements are built with Blueprints, so no coding is required. Although some basic understanding of unreal is required to understand the blueprints.


  • Dynamic free look camera (snaps back in position)
  • Dynamic camera offset based on vehicle speed
  • Advanced engine sounds
  • Brake and Drift Marks
  • Brake and Drift Smoke
  • Surface detection for friction change and skidmark changes
  • Collision particles and smoke
  • Turbo HUD (limited turbo/boost time)
  • Slow motion (realtime, slow, slower, slowest (20% speed)
  • Simple Main Menu
  • Vehicle air control
  • Brake and reverse lights
  • ‘low poly’ car model
  • Low poly ‘lined’ look






Hope you have fun and make some cool stuff with it! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to check it out! Thank you!

Is the car stable? (Tegleg and others have reported many physics related Vehicle problems)… Thanks!

Ha cool, have fun! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty stable (as shown in video’s). Sometimes i experience the ‘unrealistic roll’ issue (example here: But if you don’t go for a realistic race sim, its not that of a problem (kinda arcady).

If you have other specific issues you worry about let me know :slight_smile:

Looks very fun to play :wink:

Haha thanks! Unreal Engine is fun :slight_smile:

Hey Edwin, will this be updated for UE4.12 ?

Upcoming (cyber) monday this pack will be available with a 50% discount! Have fun!