[Poll] Would you like a tutorial on creating a custom master-server framework for UE4?

Hello everyone,

I’m in the middle of finishing my own master-server framework for Unreal Engine and I was wondering if someone would benefit from me sharing the implementation details of the whole process. It is a rather huge topic to discuss but if there are people interested, I would like to hear your opinions on the form of tutorials you find most suitable. I’ve added a poll with different options, please participate if interested.

Here is brief overview of what I am going to talk about:

  1. Game-launcher using C#.

A simple game-launcher with ability to log into the game and register new accounts.

  1. REST API web-service using Python and Flask library.

A robust and flexible API to allow communication between the launcher, database, server and game instances.

  1. MongoDB database with Python’s MongoEngine driver.

Perfect for starting with this project. And it also scales incredibly well if you decide to push your framework further. Used to store persistent data across mulptiple game sessions.

  1. Customized game-server using Unreal’s dedicated server.

Enables registration of servers, players, items and etc. Perhaps I can even talk about my custom OnlineSubsystem though it will be a really big tutorial in this case.

It is not a beginner’s topic by all means and it will take quite some time for me to prepare such tutorial but if there is a strong interest within our community then I’ll try my best to undertake this task.

Here is a little video showing all of the above (except for the database, but it’s there, trust me :)). Don’t mind the game session warnings, OSS wasn’t really ‘there’ at the moment I was recording this.

Here is the playlist with tutorial videos which will be added with time:

hey! any updates?