[POLL] Real Surfaces: Which Surfaces Would You Like?

Hi Everyone! For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, Real Surfaces is a small team of senior game industry veterans from franchises such as Battlefield, Dead Space, Tomb Raider,and Bioshock, united by the singular dream of bringing production-ready, AAA game textures to the Unreal and Indie communities in a truly affordable way. Now, combining the power of our very own proprietary photogrammetry techniques with tried-and-true professional game texture authoring methodology, we are finally able to make that dream into a reality.

Since we are truthfully just getting started, we thought we’d bring it directly to you, the community, to find out which surfaces you feel you could benefit from most.

A bit about our work:

PBR: Every surface is scanned from life using proprietary photogrammetry techniques. This means that our textures are not just PBR friendly… they are the very definition of PBR.

AAA: Since all of our textures are hand crafted by senior game industry professionals, you are guaranteed to receive a level of care and craftsmanship that you truthfully won’t find anywhere else.

HD: All of our textures are scanned at a native 8192 HDR resolution and baked down to 4096 tiling. Pretty self explanatory.

Plug and Play: We take away all of the guess work. Our content is always ready to use right out of the box. Period.

And a few samples of our work so far:






Poll List:

1.) Architectural Interior
2.) Abandoned/ Industrial
3.) Furniture Materials
4.) Clothing/ Fabric
5.) Snow/ Ice
6.) Historical Architecture
7.) Ancient Architecture
8.) Industrial Machinery