[ Poll ] Help me decide which game dev. team name to pick!

Hi ! I have a request to all of you: we are small group of friends, who are developing a RPG action game on Unreal Engine. I need to pick up a name for our game dev. team but I cannot really decide which one of those two is better:

  1. KeepItReal! Game Dev.Team
  2. FatDragon Game Dev.Team

Please tell me which one you like more :slight_smile: , just this :smiley:

FatDragon sounds more badass I think.

anyone else? I need at least 10 votes to be sure.

In my opinion it also depends on the logo. :wink: But atm KeepItReal sounds better.

guys ?
please !

Keep it real sounds more like a motto… you can use it…

Fat Dragon…
Keep it real…
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