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Hello dear Unreal Engineers!

We’re proud to present you the most popular landscape package available on the Marketplace. Aiming to address all your landscape needs! Purchase here]
Note: Due to heavy load of content I have broken everything down into spoilers. Simply toggle them to see the content. :slight_smile:



Landscape Images
Terrain #1 - Arid Mountains

Terrain #2 - Snowy Mountains

Terrain #3 - Island

Terrain #4 - Mesas

Terrain #5 - LowLands

Terrain #6 - Moon

Terrain #7 - LavaLand

Terrain #8 - Mars

Terrain #9 - GrassLands

Terrain #10 - SandLand

Terrain #11 - HighGrass

Terrain #12 - Moon v2

Terrain #13 - MountDead

Terrain #14 - Trion

Terrain #15 - Yellow Blades

Terrain #16 - Dead Hills

Terrain #17 - Rugged Land


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How to add your own paint layers[/spoiler]


How to request a landscape[spoiler]

There are a few things to consider when requesting a landscape.

1. Try your best to choose an interesting area and more importantly, mostly traversable. Priority is with requests that are more popular and useful to everybody.
2. Note that the request you make is for the landscape only. Meaning the surface cover such as trees, bushes, rocks, level design etc. is not our responsibility. So it’s better to avoid choosing areas that highly rely on vegetation, unique looking surface etc. All the previous landscapes in this package are good example of what would be done on our end.

What information to give us?

1. Note that the landscapes we create are 4x4 Kilometers. What this means is that your area of interest shouldn’t be much bigger because the result wouldn’t be convincing when recreated within a 4x4 landscape. Usually a distance of 8 to 20 Kilometers on the google maps fits well into a 4x4 landscape for games. While in google maps, press the right mouse button and click on Measure Distance. Once you left click anywhere on the map it draws a line and calculates the distance.
2. After you have made your decision about the area you want, you are required to forward us a screen grab of the map + place name so we can inspect the area more for gathering more information and references of the exact same place.

An example request:

Place name: Spitzkoppe, Namibia
Approx distance: 8.5 Km


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