Poll: 8K 120Hz TV Monitor??? YES PLEASE!!! :) "Updated!"

Greetings Folks! :slight_smile:
Anyone know of the new VESA standards for 8K!?
Well if your thinking of getting a new TV or Monitor Check this out:…est/index.html

By the end of this year AMD is expected to get out 7nm components! in 2019 5nm! and in 2020 3nm!!! :slight_smile:
The question here is in 2021 will we be able to do games with UE4 in PCs with hardware that be able to use a 8K 120Hz Monitor at home??? :slight_smile:
Possible VESA cable standards in the near future (2020) will support 8K 120Hz, 4K 240Hz and HD 2K 500HZ?
…And will it be possible for 2021 3nm PCs to Run Games at “120FPS” on 8K 120Hz monitors!? :slight_smile: