Polkritude Music and Sound Design

Hey there folks!

Composer and sound designer here looking for some awesome developers to work with! This is my full time job, so I have a super quick turn around time and affordable rates. At the end of the day, I’m looking to build relationships with awesome people and to create something totally extraordinary. If this sounds good to you, let’s get it started! You can check out my demo reel/work experience at my personal website or soundcloud. Feel free to contact me at! :wink:

Some highlights about me:

  • Love music duh
  • Love games double duh
  • Multiple degrees in music
  • Can do arranging, transcription, and composition
  • Can also do sound design
  • Quick turn around time

Hope that everyone had a great week! Looking forward to working on some new projects as we get ready to enter into September!

Recently put together a VGM reel on youtube! Check it out! Thanks and Happy Labor Day!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re having a great day today! Currently available for projects!


Composed a short piano piece last week. Check it out and let me know what you think! Available for hire!

Just released an OST for a game titled Coffee Mug Quest on gamejolt. You can check out the full OST at

And now that, that game is finished, looking for more developers to work with! Thanks!

Hi Polkritude, sounds like a good future post.

Currently offering a free SFX/FOLEY Pack for a subscription if anyone is interested! Going to be sending out packs once a month along with a few updates!


Thanks for checking me out!

Looking to write some music or create some SFX! Let me know what you need and lets get it done! Have a great weekend y’all!

The year isn’t over yet! Lets keep pushing to the end and get these games finished before January! Composer here looking to work on your title! Affordable rates, loves feedback, and professional.

Nice Soundwork, me like the Dream and closely.

Thanks mate! Appreciate you checking me out!

Composer available for hire on your project! Let me know what you need done!


Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has had an awesome year full of completed projects and such! But if… you so happen to have not finished your game(s) yet and needed some music/audio come the new year, feel free to reach out! Would love to work with you!


Sample music:

Happy New Year!

Happy New year everyone!

Hope that everyone is enjoying 2016 so far. I am currently available for work if needed in music or audio. You can check out a video sample re-score below!

If you like what you hear, feel free to check out my site at

Looking forward to hearing you!


Composer available for work! Thanks for checking me out!

Resume available here!

New month! New goals! Is it time to add audio or music to your title? If so, I am currently available to add either music/audio! Full resume located at Thank you for your time!

Recently updated my demo reel from some of my 2015 projects! Currently available for composition work! Let me know what you need! Other works can be found at


Composer available to work on some projects! Work examples can be found!