Policy for Selling Addons/Extentions in the Marketplace for other Seller's existing MP Content?

Hello All,

Please forgive me if this has been addressed, the answers to this question was not obvious to me. I’m seeking answers/opinions/discussion on Selling Add-ons/Extentions in the Marketplace for other Seller’s existing MP Content? I’ve reviewed the Marketplace FAQ, and found the following Answer:

Can users modify, resell or transfer content once they purchase it?

Users are free to modify any content they purchase from the Marketplace.

All items sold are non-transferable, and users cannot sub-license the content for further redistribution, whether or not they have modified it. Users cannot buy your content and then distribute it to other developers to use in other projects, for example by listing it on the Marketplace or another store themselves.

Epic’s policy here is completely understandable.

However, what I propose is the sell of new content as an Add-on/Extensions to other Seller’s existing Content, not *direct *modifications to existing work. For me, this becomes a grey-area that requires clear definitions of what a Modification, Add-on, and Extension can be. The best I can do at this time is provide a couple of examples of what I *think *a Add-on/Extension can be, and how it differs from a Modification:

  1. An Add-on could be providing a independent UI (UMG) Front-end to control the Thrust Mode and aesthetics for JetPack BP Module at run-time. No such UI provided with the asset pack.
  2. An **Extension **would be creating sets of new themes for outfit pieces (meshes/materials) ‘compatible’ with the Chibi Female Character Mesh.

In both examples, Add-ons/Extensions require the purchase of the original Content to be useful.

I’ve found myself creating all sorts of add-ons/extension for content I’ve purchased from marketplace. Especially, with the modular characters. I’m certain that other developers would find these Add-on/Extensions useful for the content they’ve purchased. If direct modification to the Content itself for a particular feature is required, I contact Author/Seller and put in a feature request.

The ultimate questions I have here are:

  1. Are Add-ons/Extensions considered Modifications to existing content?
  2. If not, can such content be published and sold in the Unreal Marketplace (as its not by the Seller of the original content)?

In my opinion, Add-on and Extension would boost the sales of the originals and create another Market within the marketplace. So I’m very interested in a discussion, hearing opinions from Sellers & Buyers, and Epic’s Ruling on this.

Thanks for reading.

I don’t know about the actual rules on this. But as an asset developer I would be all for allowing this since, like you said, it would only help to promote sales of the original asset.

Hi. If I’m not mistaken, it is not allowed to sell content which requires something else to work. I’ve read it somewhere but can’t remember where. It would be great to have that kind of thing in marketplace though.
Even if it is not allowed in marketplace, you could sell it on external sites(sellfy etc.) I guess.

I do infact remember a staff member saying you can not make a asset dependant on another asset that is not allowed. it has to be… a “I don’t need no man I’m an independant asset I don’t need no help”

I doubt they would accept it on the marketplace but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it on your own personal store using Sellify or Gumroad. So long as it doesn’t include anything from the original author’s work I see no reason why that wouldn’t be legal to do. If you do something like that it would probably be good form to get written permission from the author however legally it’s not required. It would just be good form. If someone created something like you are describing for one of my packages I wouldn’t be against it at all. It would only benefit me in sales.

I think the big factor there is so long as Epic isn’t involved they don’t have to assume liability over any issues regarding something like what your asking.

I truly appreciate the feedback everyone.

I agree Add-on/Extensions could be sold in another store, however, to be considered ‘official’, ‘sponsored’ ‘approved’, ‘supported’ by Epic, these should be published in the Unreal Marketplace (UMP). Add-ons/Extensions would follow the exact criteria as the Base Assets to be accepted. I personally don’t purchase plug-ins, enhancements from Sellify, Gumroad, others due with concerns of support and credibility.

I aim to change the perception here. It’s not that Add-ons/Extensions are dependent on the Base Content, its that the Add-on/Extension ***enhance ***the Base Content. In my opinion, its a matter of classification and how they’re categorized, viewed/ displayed in the UMP. My recommendation would be to associate Add-on/Extensions only to the Base Content they pertain too. In other words, display Add-Ons/Extensions Only on the Page of the Base Content.

This proposal translates into more customization options for Content (which is a greater value for Buyers), and additional sales for both the Content Sellers and Epic. Thus, serious evaluation of the potential here should be considered.

I’m hoping Epic can provide some input on this topic.:cool: