Police Lights??

So i been messing around and wanted to create a police lights effect with a lightbar that i made i saw this video - YouTube and i would like to recreate how they did it but i cant find anything about that kinda of stuff nor do i know were to start can someone please help?

For an effect like this you need:

-a material with emissive
-some lights (point or spotlights)
-a blueprint that controls the light and the material -> it switches the light and the emissive effect on/off :slight_smile:

You can switch the emissive on/off when you use a lerp node + a scalar parameter in the alpha + connect a constant vector with 0 to A and one with over 2 to B :slight_smile:
That’s how you access it over a blueprint:

Thank you :smiley: this was very fast and very useful as a reply! :slight_smile: thank you soooo much :smiley: