Pokemon style paper2D movement

Hey there! i have a game me and some friends are working on for some fun, however i am wondering how to make a paper 2d style game, i have used the paper 2d features and i have a few questions about it

  1. how can i make a character align to the grid world (like pokemon)
  2. how do i get my sprite/character IN to the tilemap layers to actually interact with it

thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

For your firsts question I have an idea: just move them to an exactly coordenates. I mean, if you trigger “up” button, move it** Actual X location + 15** (just an example) instead using their default velocity for it. Use “simple move to location” blueprint for it.

For your second question, there are some blueprints that should help you: “cast to CharacterBlueprint”. This tutorial should help you:

thanks! i am having problems with making the sprite move up and down or infact any other direction other than left and right, i have set up input controls as well, any ideas? :slight_smile:

Check this video, should give you some ideas how to do it: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

thanks i had a look at it but im still not able to make controls for moving up and down, if anyone could make a simple setup for me and screenshot that would be awesome, im sure im not doing anything wrong. i’ve been trying this for a few hours now

Just do the same that you did for Right-Left, just change inputs and movement (change X for Z for a 2D game).

If you still need help post your blueprint and ill be able to help you better.

okay so how would i go about disabling the whole jump and fall mechanics and make it a simple movement like left to right (but up and down obviously)

edit: sorted out the 4 movements XD just need to work out how to align movement to a grid