Pokemon Like Game, But I know squat about jack

Hey there,

I’m currently a student of UE4 and really am falling behind on the blueprints and engineering aspects of making games so I hoped to reach out and get some suggestions from you smart people who know a thing or twenty on game dev.

Honestly my “Big Game” idea keeps taking over my attention as much as I keep trying to quench that desire with smaller projects I keep thinking I’ll be forever stuck just wondering what could be with my rpg capture game I want make…

To make this into an actual question and not a whiny post (lol):

Is there a good direction of study to go to learn how to make a turn based rpg (with typical features: Battling, Attacks, Stats, Partys, KO’s, leveling, story telling/dialogue, etc?)

Also is there a point were you have to say this is too big of a project and I need to seek help from a team that most likely would want to do it for next to nothing or free because I’m just one dude? Lol

OK. Nothing wrong with having an idea and seeking to implement that in UE4.

But as Clint Eastwood once said, ‘A man’s gotta know his limitations’.

Really - if you’re wanting to get a project going right now - you have to take what you know and start working with that. You want to go further than what you know - then you have to deal with that Jack Squat situation.

There’s a ton of classes in things like Udemy & Youtube. Check - Those - Out. OK - they may not give you direct instructions on developing the actual project you want - but you learn how things can be done. Take a Udemy course on user interfaces. Take a look at Dev Addicts Souls Like tutorial series. Look up Ryan Layley on You Tube. Matthew Wadstein… Learn how to blueprint a whole lot better than you can now. Very rarely will you get a nicely packaged solution presented right in front of you that does exactly what you want.

Get stuck in and things will become easier. Best of luck! :slight_smile: