POKEMON 3D open-world game, looking for any skills (Pokemon Uncharted Lands)

Project title:
Pokémon Uncharted Lands

The project is about creating a big 3D open-world Pokémon game.

The main problem of creating a complete game when you’re not a big studio, is that the amount of time required to do every tasks involved is massive… That’s why the principle we’re going to be based on is to recruit as many people as possible to do simple creative tasks, while a small team focus on coding the game framework (combat system, RPG quest system). There is already a website that you can subscribe on, with a system allowing you to choose a task and uploading it.

I really believe in this project! The goal is not to make a game fast, but to make a quality one even if it takes a few years. The reason I believe that we could gather enough people to make it real, is that the Pokémon franchise is something that speaks to almost anybody under their 30s, and many more! Unreal engine allows a project like this to exist as 80% of the work is going to be about level designing, animating, etc… things that a lot of people brought together could take care in no time (and by no time, I mean a reasonable amount of time).

So if you’d like to work on this project with us. Don’t hesitate to join us.

Talent required:
For now the game is in a very early state, so if you go on the website, all you’re going to have access to is animating tasks.
But for the future, we are looking for anyone that has any skill with UE4.
If you’ve done something with UE4 (blueprints, asset, meshes, or whatever…) and you think it might be of use, you can also pop by on the website, and send it to us, it will be very appreciated!



Looking forward to see what you all think about it.

P.S: Sorry for bad english…

Nintendo would sue you

Pokemons are copyrighted, you better do not make exact copy of that, and for sure do not call your game “pokemon” or do not use that word nowhere near it if you plan to copy some ideas from pokemons.

People here see pattern that most “future projects” that use anything remotely copyrighted never get past requirement thread phase. So just because of this you already face obstacles.

Also exactly what DarthViper posted above.

In my opinion you should probably consider not using Pokemon as your basis and use websites like Artstation and Deviantart to find inspiration in your own inspiration of monster style game. Nintendo would really come at you…

Oh I’m sorry I forgot to say that this project will be totally free-to-play and has absolutely no commercial intention… I’ve seen many Pokemon inspired project on the Internet and I even wrote to the instigators of some of them, and they told me Nintendo didn’t seem to have any problems with non-commercial project like these…

If you have serious reasons to think otherwise, I would gladly hear your point of view, but I don’t see why not…

Thank you!

That doesn’t mean anything, without permission they could bring things down at any moment, and it’s actually a legal responsibility for them to protect their IP.