Pokéballs (more to come in the future)

So I got the Maya 2016 trial and decided to make something quick, like a bunch of balls.

I’ve little to no experience using Maya so I apologise if this is poor.

Also feedback would be great, so I know where I can improve or what I’m doing right.

EDIT: Since this post, I’ve created the Cherishball, Team Rocket Ball, Typingball, Heavyball, Masterball and Timerball. I’m having some trouble creating the other pokeballs so this will be my last update for a while. Thanks for the feedback/assistance and thanks if anyone liked my models enough to download them and use them themselves, I don’t expect any credibility but if they are being used, I would like to know how as it might be helpful for when I next create models, thanks.

I will be updating the downloads with the new models and updating the images.

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR POKEBALL > ** Pokeball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR GREATBALL > ** Greatball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ULTRABALL > ** Ultraball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR PREMIUMBALL > ** Premiumball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR TIMERBALL > ** Timerball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR CHERISHBALL > ** Cherishball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ROCKETBALL > ** Rocketball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR TYPINGBALL > ** Typingball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR HEAVYBALL > ** Heavyball - Google Drive

**DOWNLOAD LINK FOR MASTERBALL > ** Masterball2 - Google Drive

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could use some more shiny colors :slight_smile:

Yeah after I made a few more balls (i’ve made the Masterball and Timerball since this post) I’m going to play around with materials.

Looking good! Post some new pics up once you get the materials issue worked out. Question though: are those dents or shadows to the bottom-right of the face?

Will do! and shadows, once I get a better grasp of Maya I’ll be improving on the pokéballs.

Hey Kitocha,

I thought I would give you a bit of a nudge in a direction for the material set up. It is very simple and straight forward, but it will yield some accurate and fun results. The model itself could use a bit of cleaning, but you are on your way!

I added a normal map for a bit of character to the pokeball and gave it some shine!

Here is the set up for the master material in which you can instance and quickly apply to the rest of your pokeball models. Mind you, this is a very simple approach, but if used correctly will help reduce your iteration times when creating different pokeballs :wink:

I could have added a little fresnel to make the edges of the sphere have a gentle falloff, but I will let you catch’em all :wink:

Good luck and keep up the work!


Thanks so much for the help, I appreciate it. I was playing around with tools I didn’t know about on Maya trying to get this kind of material, and I completely overlooked doing it on UE4.

My pleasure! Always nice to help a newcomer :slight_smile:

They look nice and shiny now! Keep up the good work!