PointLight intensity dosen't change when i tell it to

i want my point light to fade from current value (about 9000) to 0 in 5 seconds in a smooth manner. i did this to my material and it worked, but with the set intensity node i can’t get it to work. the light just dosen’t change its intensity at all when i play the game. The light is movable and is under the sphere mesh wich again is under the collision component on the default projectile from the fps starter content. new to unreal, so what am i doing wrong?

The problem is the event you are using. You can’t copy EventBeginPlay, you can have only one EventBeginPlay node. What you can do is either plug the timeline to eventbeginplay or create a custom event > call it’s function with begin play > use the event to fire the timeline.

ok thanks, i’ll try that, thanks for quick reply!

Yup that resolved it, i used a sequencer this time, and i got the desired effect immediatly, many thanks!