Pointers for smooth Gameplay

I’m trying to record a walkthrough of my map, having reduced the walkspeed to 50 and the BaseTurnRate to 10 for that nice slow look, but when the player rotates in game, in ue4 its jerky and spoils the look and feel.

I’m running a decent rig i7700k, 16Gb Ram and gtx1080 and using OBS for video capture at a bit rate of 3000.

The game is using mixamo characters but the rest of the game elements are pretty low res there are some HD (1 and 2k) textures in there, I’m trying to capture at full screen 1680x1050, how do I resolve this.

Would really appreciate some help.

Use sequencer or try capturing from a packaged project.

Can’t use sequencer as the game needs to trigger events that need player collision, packaged same thing

Couldn’t you trigger these events in sequencer? I suppose it depends on the complexity of the things happening, but if your animations are as simple as a door opening and closing, you could map that event as a track in sequencer.

no theyre not that simple, this is driving me mad, I’ve changed the scalability settings to below epic and completely off for shadows same thing I still get this weird jerkiness