Pointers Changing in Containers

Hey guys, I am having trouble with storing pointers in containers in Unreal, they just aren’t behaving like I thought they should. I am new to UE4.

The following code is a bit of an example:

   for(AActor* A : FoundActors){
            nameToObject.insert(std::pair<FString,AActor*>(A->GetName(), A));
            if(A->GetName() == "Juicer"){
                UE_LOG(LogTemp, Error, TEXT("Juicer's first pointer is: %d"), A );
   UE_LOG(LogTemp, Error, TEXT("Juicer's second pointer is: %d"), nameToObject["Juicer"]);

There is an actor with the name “Juicer”, I made sure it is found in FoundActors. But when I print out its actual pointer value in the loop, and then access and print out its pointer value from the container, I get a different pointer. Obviously I understand I printed them in signed int form, but they are different ints, so different pointers. If I perform any operation on a pointer I stored in a container I get a segmentation fault error. I keep getting these errors everywhere. Pointers just seem to change value in containers and I don’t know whats happening.

Any help would be appreciated

More info:
Ubuntu 18
Clang 3.9.1

Could you share the portion of your code where you declare/assign FoundActors?