PointerIndex and Events for multiple Touch Indices are not fully implemented

Hey, when using a touch device, you can have multiple fingers “active” on the screen :P.

The code currently, for example the CursorPointerIndex and WidgetsUnderCursorLastEvent in SlateApplication treat some things with just one cursor in mind. This causes wrong events and no events to be fired sometimes when more than one touch is active.

Hi Markus Arvidsson,

Can you update to the 4.8 release and check if you’re still seeing the same issues? Please be sure to make a copy of your project when opening in the update.


This is the case in 4.8, too. The code has not changed.

We’ve got a lot of these problems fixed in a shelved CL, I need to review it - I’m not sure if it will make it into 4.9, but I’ll see what I can do.

Do you have a project that reproduces the problem by chance that I can test with? Which events were failing…etc.

Great and thanks. I think it is important for mobile UI :).

Yes, sent link to you.

How? Also the changes that I mentioned above I put into 4.9.