Pointcloud and Fotos

I really need your hlep here.
I converted poincloud from .ply to e57 with cloud compare. When imported to RC the “pictures” of pointcloud are black (2Ds view) but If I press “start” (F5) a model is created and visible in 3D.
Then, I import a set of pictures. It makes no difference if I “press” “start” or “align images” (f6), I get a model but the poincloud is not taken into account. The generated model is much bigger and has differnet orientation.
I belive I have to set control points (please correct me if I am wrong) but I cant because the image is black.

Hi Clemens Rudolph
the CCompare exports of E57 are exported WITHOUT textures, therefore you are getting BLACK images… So you cannot solve it this way…
If you do not have the original data from the laser scanner ( PTX or E57 file format ), then you need to solve it this way:

  1. align images in RC
  2. set scale + realign so that you have the scale as close as possible to the laser scan (LS) data
  3. create a model on normal, SIMPLIFY it to some reasonable size: 1-5 mil triangles
  4. export model from RC
  5. use an external software ( meshlab, Geomagic, etc. ) that can ALIGN LS scans to the RC exported model ( if you set the scale properly, it should be very easy )
  6. import back the LS data as an OBJ in RC, if you do it properly in step 5, then the model will be in the same position, orientation and scale as the RC model
  7. use UNWRAP to calculate UVs
  8. generate TEXTURES
  9. get LS data with proper textures

Hello Wishgranter,

thanks for clearing up things.
So, I can NOT get color/visibility in imported E57 point cloud by vertex color or intensity. :frowning:
If anybory knows a programm to convert .ply in E57 with texutres wold be glad to know.
Or perhaps it would help if RC can change the background color of image viewer. The pictures look like if they have alpha chanel.

I try to find a workflow for future use and RC looks very promising and fast (but documentation is still low). I use a new kind of laser scan technology, a moveable laser scanner (like a trolley) for interior with 6 foto panoram cameras on top. The only output format I get is .ply. Now I try to bring fotos/texture and scan together.

Hi Clemens Rudolph

If anybory knows a programm to convert .ply in E57 with texutres wold be glad to know.

It’s NOT possible…
Can you send me more info on the scanner to milos.lukac@capturingreality.com so that I can take a look on a possible workflow solution ?

Hi I was wondering if there was anything resolved for this issue or weather there will be import options for .ply or .XYZ files in the future soon?

Hi ross.havery
it’s planned but not as a short term. We support only ORDERED pointclouds like PTX or E57 ( proper formats ) and therefore PLY or XYZ formats are UN-ordered “pointclouds”

What sort of device and workflows and results do you need to get ?

In principle, if you do proper scanning with scanner and capture images for photogrammetry, then you can align them with a single click… and you do not need to care about the PCD import issues…

Hi Wishgranter,

thanks for your response, I will start a new thread detailing my exact uses and equipment as I feel it could get a bit off topic here and I have a few other questions.


Hi ross.havery

OK, no problem…