Point War VR (ViROOMiR game studio)

Hello everybody ! I want to bring to your attention the Point War project, which I started doing 3 months ago when I downloaded and launched Unreal Engine for the first time. Initially, I did not have a goal to make the game, I just downloaded Unreal for the sake of curiosity. Every time I was interested in trying to make something new in Unreal and every task threw me a challenge that pushed me to move on. So it coincided that at the time of the beginning of the development of the game I already had a helmet of virtual reality HTC Vive, this was the reason for creating the VR game. Before that, I briefly programmed in Delphi (it was about in 2005-2007), but faced with a number of questions and problems in the implementation of the game (at that time I was doing a racing simulator on cars), I gave up this venture.
Unreal is really the most powerful engine for today, and I am convinced of this every day when I sometimes decide (for me) very difficult tasks. I develop the project alone and ask you not to judge my game strictly =)

And so, now a little about the project.
Initially, I set a goal to create a game (probably like all game developers) is not similar to others. Of course you can draw parallels with Onward, but those who played in Onward will understand the essential differences between our games.

There is GamePlay videos


Point War - sets itself apart from other online shooters that was specially designed for the head-mounted display (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR).
The main feature is a full synchronization and visualization player with the character in the game. The game has implemented a system of mixed control, which helps a deeper plunge into the process of the game and get a genuine emotion.

The game represents a wide variety of missions for the passage of a team. If you are tired of fighting with opponents, the players go to the PvE-hall and choose the right job, the enemies that are soldiers with artificial intelligence (“bots”). You, in turn, will have to confront them.

For those who want to test their skills in business and compete with other players you access to hundreds. In PvP, the player is offered many types of battles, such as special operations in different parts of the world, with a mission to undermine bombs, the capture and release of the hostages, .

In Point War has both its own original PvP modes, and the interpretation is not aging “classics”, known in other games such as CS, BF, ARMA, and others.

Here is a link to my channel on Youtube with a video game.–BJ3cityk1mf7Q2NfPA