Point System, How do I do this?

Hi All, I am new to UE4, and I could never figure this out for UE 3 either. If I place various static meshes throughout my level how do I set it to give you a certain amount of points for touching the static mesh? What I am trying to do is a Hazard training simulation to where a person will walk throughout the level and if they see a work hazard(static mesh), they can walk up and touch it then the static mesh, it will disappear and give you a certain amount of points, when you reach a certain amount of points, it will take you to the next room. Please if someone can guide me towards how to do this, I am willing to pay you for helping me figure this out. Thanks. Please help!

That’s pretty easy to create:

  1. create an actor bp and add your mesh + a collision volume in your component tab
  2. now set the collision volume to just “overlap” (in the details panel) and get a “on begin overlap” event
  3. after that create a variable in your gamemode (e.g points)
  4. in your actor bp cast to the gamemode and get a “set” node from the point variable + increase it by X amount of points when the player touches the collision volume (the on being overlap event) -> so a set node and a “+” node (connect a “get” node from the point variable with one of the + links and on the other one add a value -> then it will always add X points to the existing points variable value)

Now place them in your level and when the player touches one of those things, it will add X points to the variable. :slight_smile:

Just saw your other thread, will close this one :slight_smile: