Point in right direction for tower defence enemy AI movement paths

Hi All I’m yet another new member on the forums. I’ve been a business app programmer for around 15 years but have always loved games. I tried out Unity recently and have decided to focus on UE4. Anyway, for my first project I decided to go with a tower defense game to dive right in, because… why not.

So far I’ve taken a couple turret models, changed to blueprint which will track the player pawn and shoot at them, but now I want to build a prototype map and have a few enemy AI pawns move along a path from beginning to end. I’m struggling to find any tutorials on pawn movement. I think i need to be using AI Move To and a NavMesh? Or is a NavMesh + points only used with Behaviour Trees? I’m just lost on what I need to do with this stuff.

Can anyone point me at a tutorial which could benefit in this case?


Ok I learnt two things from this, firstly this was a question so i should have probably put in!, secondly i found the perfect Tutorial on example what i want -

I now have an AI character, which runs through a maze from start to finish targets. i quickly put together and my turret tracks and shoots projectiles at him as he moves. I still have to put in the projectile collision and hit point reductions etc. Also i only have 1 AI character spawning at the moment so need to figure out how i’ll spawn 10 characters at a time and have them all running through the maze.