Point/Directional Light character influence.

Is there anyway using blueprints to create a way for any light whether is directional, pointed, or whatever to influence your character in game?

For example, Like as long as a character is under a light he gets his health and speed back, but when he is out of a light it slowly drains him to death?

If it is possible how could I achieve this?

Thank you great people of the Unreal Engine Community =)

You could do that with actor blueprints -> just add a light in the blueprint + a collision volume that covers the “area” of the light + get an “on overlap event” and change the health and speed when the player is overlapping the volume + in your character bp set a bool variable which defines if he is in the light (touching the volume -> when he touches it, the bool get’s set to true/false) and add a branch with the variable + set up a system that will decrease the health (connect it with the branch).

Now when he is not in the light (not touching the volume) the branch in the character bp will be on true and the health will decrease. When he is in the light the branch will be on false (the health wont decrease) and the player will get more health and speed :slight_smile:

But this wont work with directiona lights!