Point Clouds Morphing FX


After some days or research and experiments i was completely finished my Point Clouds Morphing FX.

99% Calculation on GPU and very fast. No partcle systems used. 100% blue print based. You can bake your own static mesh to points cloud textures.
Maximum mesh coordinate size from -32767 to 32767


  • 1 to 16384 points
  • Bake system included
  • Color, Opacity, Emissive power and Scale transitions are supported
  • Blue print interface
  • No external software requred - only UE and your static mesh
  • Wave zoom and position distortions addditional effects
  • Two demo maps
  • Multi sections mesh is supported

Hope you like it! =)

wow looks very interesting to me !
cool effect !!
prizetag ?


does this support animated meshes? I have a head model with facial animation via morph targets and if you were able to use this effect on such a mesh I would purchase in a heartbeat

No. Animated meshes is not supported. Only for static mesh. PCM bake vertex coordinates of mesh to texture and then render array of points (like particles). Then FX do smooth transition between two baked vertex arrays.

For animated meshes you need to get new coordinates dynamically every frame from the mesh data. May be you can try to do this via particle or GPU sprites and C++ but im not sure about this on 100%.

Another way you can try to bake with PCM your every mesh key frame to point cloud and do morphing. It’s would be closer to animated mesh. Please note that every baked cloud frame take unique texture in the memory. If you have many key frames then it will require same count of cloud textures. Also morphing make smooth start and smooth finish between coordinates. For animation may be don’t requre smooth option, but it’s can’t be disabled. You will need to do some minor changes inside of blue print code for disable smoothing.

Update info:

  • fixed rendering issue on PlayStation 4
  • fixed bug with one cloud in the list
  • added advanced version. Now you can specify different particle size per cloud
  • added new demo map for advanced version
  • minor shader optimization for basic version