Point cloud sensor simulation (LiDAR)

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I’m doing a masters thesis on segmenting LiDAR point clouds. The main focus is on how to synthesize training data with which we can train models, that are usable on real world data.
I’ve seen this post AI in Unreal Engine: Learning Through Virtual Simulations - Unreal Engine, which indicates that work is already being done in this direction. The reason I’m posting is just that I want to connect with people that have already done research in this direction or a somewhat connected direction. Perhaps if we share our knowledge we could see mutual benefits.
I’m very interested on how I could create synthetic scenes that resemble real world conditions procedurally. I would like to scan these scenes with a simulated sensor and use this data to train a machine learning model.

I’ve seen threads where community members were asking about a tool that simulates LiDAR or other sensors in unreal engine, but I haven’t really seen anyone actually build the tool.
I’ve made a tool that simulates an airborne LiDAR sensor, and render the resulting point cloud every couple of frames using the UE4 PointCloud plugin. I also made a tool that allows you to select a subset of points within a point cloud and export it to txt format. Please let me know if there is any interest in these tools and I will share them.


I would like to get your tool. Is it possible to convert any ue4 level into a point cloud and if it is that would be awesome. Kindly share with me if possible. Also, I tried AirSim it has LiDAR sensor but not enough info on how to use it.

Wow, I’d could you share your tool or at least it’s results? Maybe a video. Sounds really nice.

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I’m currently also working on my master thesis to build a onboard radar simulation! I would like to see how you build your LiDAR tool and hopefully benefit from it for my current project:). Hope to hear from you^^ my email: ]()

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I am also very very interested in your tool, could you share it?

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I’m trying to simulate train on the track,it use lidar to get surrounding information.I have build the train running enviroment,but i have trouble in building lidar sensor in UE4.Your tool may help ,could you share it to me? my email:


I also working on something similar to what you are trying to do. If you don’t mind can you share your tool with me.


Hi @, really interesting your tool…; would like to know more about, however, I am searching for a way, how to transfer 3D scans made by Lidar Technology into a 3 d virtual space, can you give some directions please?