Point Cloud Plugin

Hello Community!

The plugin has now been moved to the Marketplace:

For further documentation, visit the official website:


This will make someone in my office very happy!

This looks really cool. Not sure it this is in scope for the plugin or if this would warrant an another plugin but have you thought about OpenVDB support?

Also what kind of System are you running it on? It looks like a beast VRam wise. :slight_smile:

Updated the post with my specs.
The point was to make it run on something with reasonable VRAM capacity, hence plenty of optimization went that way.

Haven’t looked into OpenVDB, I might at some point.

The download should be up in few days :slight_smile:

this is awesome! cant wait to try it, iv been doing lots of photogrammetry projects over the past 8 months, quite eager to see what some of my clouds look like rendered in ue4

Version 0.1 beta is live. Give it a go and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Hi , This asks for Binaries. I’m a newbie, what should i do? thanks

Any chance of supporting e57? I can’t get XYZ out of Recap :frowning:

Sorry for lack of replies, I didn’t get notifications for some reason.

@antinook The plugin is provided with just source code and requires source-based project. With that said, I might take the time to compile it for a number of version for peoples convenience. It will have to wait until version 0.2 release, tho.

@duke22 I’ll try to add e57 support for v0.2.

I have just released version 0.2 with several improvements and bug fixes. It now contains all files required to build content-only projects too.
Unfortunately I couldn’t fit the E57 support in it just yet.

Nice job! The import is much more stable now, it read most of my 3.25gb file before it crashed due to being out of memory.

Also, where do I change the point size?

Dang this looks like an awesome plugin on the paper but… I can’t even get it to run, it crashes the editor as soon as I start a new BP or Unreal Studio project with the plugin enabled. :frowning:

Only way I could make it worked was by creating a C++ project, is it a requirement ?

@duke22 I had it successfully load files 25gb+, it shouldn’t crash. What file are you loading and how much RAM do you have? Don’t suppose this file is available somewhere for download to test?

@LegendreVR Haven’t tested this with Unreal Studio, but can’t see why it wouldn’t work. Version 0.1 was code only, 0.2 has all necessary binaries included so should start and deploy with content-only projects too. Are you using 4.18 or 4.19? Were there any errors? Could you send me your log file?

@duke22 As for point size - you can’t change them, points are just pixels. If you want something that can be scaled, you need to switch to sprites, then you have Min/ and ScaleDistance parameters to adjust their size.

This plugin sounds great, I may try it at some point. What license is it under currently and what are your licensing plans when you fully release it.

If I may suggest, you should probably make some demo videos, so people can see how it looks and works without of installing it.

MIT, free for all :slight_smile:
I have few videos and screenshots, but the scans are not my data, so just waiting for a go-ahead from the owners to publish them here :slight_smile:

Hello , your plugin sounds really interesting! Any chance of a small sample project showing how to use it? I may be missing something, I just found the comments in the source code but no other documentation


Awesome, thank you!

Yeah really amazing effort @ !