Point Cloud Import Density

New User. Started today.

Trying to import a unified high density *.e57 point cloud file (100 MB) of a deck chair. The resulting *.lsp appears to be very low density (18 MB), and the mesh that gets generated from it is garbage.

Is there a way to increase the density of the *.lsp file?


Could it be that you are importing un unordered laser scans into RealityCapture? This may be the reason, why not many features are detected.

Please make sure that your scans are ordered before you import them into RealityCapture. This means that the position of your rigs should be known. You can check this article to learn more about this:


Can you provide some screenshots? I’m not sure why the mesh would be bad but when you import point clouds you will only see a sparse point cloud. The software utilizes the entire point cloud when meshing, however.