Point & Click Maneuvers

Hi guys. I have top-down project, in which i control character movement with mouse clicks. For now its like building path from NavMeshVol and SimpleMove character there. My problem is, character move linear with rotating, and i want add some extra path to it. For example, if car want to ride in spot behind it, its start moving forward and turning around until its nose will be point right on that spot, then its just linear path, same with planes, ships and i guess most of all vehicles. In my project i have few spaceships. I want it to turn around before starting movement in click direction, want to give it minimum maneuver radius. Like i know there is no way to add extra points to NavPath, and i start to build something with splines. But i didnt manage to build a lot with it and system looks like realy heavy. In my vision, my character will move only in forward vector, and will have some angle in which it can rotating, and for best result, NavMeshVol will calculating vehicles ability and its turning vector. BTW i want player to see future path like in turn-based game, thats why i prefer to didnt use dynamic system like thrusters, i need some anchors, and NavMeshVol points its realy good for it. So can anyone give me good advice about that?