Point Cache or geo Cache in unreal3 or 4?

I’ve been browsing youtube and google looking for some info on getting point cache or geo cache data from maya to unreal3.

Normally the skeleton rigged characters are plenty for most needs but I received a very complex rig from an across the seas builder who speaks no english and I am supposed to get the facial animation into the game engine.

It was build with tons of blend shapes. Which I’ve read can be turned into morph targets for unreal3.

Well the usual export process isn’t bringing any blendshape data into unreal3 via fbx.

Any thoughts or experience on this appreciated.

Which 3d program do you use? -> e.g in blender you just have to normally export the mesh as a fbx - import it and in the import window you have to enable “import morph targets” -> after that you can access those blendshapes in persona or in your blueprints :slight_smile: