Point and Click Adventure starter kit

Dear Epic Programmers,

First of all congratulations for your engine, it’s very easy and friendly to use. I’ve noticed you included different types of games as Starter Kit. Nice projects where you can start to build your game from. I’d like to make a point and click adventure like Syberia but all in 3d. The problem is I’ don’t know how to make all the mechanics, like walking, pick up objects, and most important dialogues with other characters.

Can you please include a starter kit with these features? Even basic ones which will allow me to make my game. You have covered several kind of games with different gameplays, can you insert this as well?


Moved your thread to the correct location. 8-}

I second this.

I would love to see a TellTale style Point & Click system with examples.

Hey supergab85,

Take a look at this thread as well as the newly released content on the marketplace. You should be able to get started from there.


Andrew Hurley

Hi Supergab, and everyone.
Im currently working on a p&c adventure framework/starter kit (old Lucas game clone)
so far it include:

  • basic conditional dialog system (CSV import, lucas art style) with user choices folowed by socket displayed dialog
  • basic inventory with filters
  • basic quest system with filters
  • TODO basic map system
  • DepthController (adjust pawn scale accordingly to background perspective)
    • TODO: walk behind system (think ill use depth custom render)
  • TODO: Pawn switcher (for my own game, change controlled pawn at runtime)
  • TODO basic pickup
  • TODO: Save&load
  • A component that hold a conditionnal trigger pool (change level/object/game variable, teleport, …)
  • Basic HUD (base, quest, inventory, dialog, interact)
  • TODO: user frendly CutSene system

Im not a programmer (just a usability engineer that love coding/scripting), so my work can be crapp for you’re eyes… Indeed, at the time ill think the job is usable ill give it for free.

If any want to help, or if any other are interest by this kind of starter kit feel free to PM