Poblem with Destructible Mesh


I create a DM and add it to BP (building model) so when building’s health <= 0 the DM will be shown and break. So for better understanding, I change the DM building so it’s easy to see what happening with the DM.

this is the BP Screenshot - a1233db85b064435bee23de5e1556ceb - Gyazo

this is the DM settings Screenshot - 368c27083bd6c075625f23e2f5b0212f - Gyazo

and this is the result: Screen capture - 16f5ecbae9e5bae3cb23db74925c82eb - Gyazo

btw, when I took the DM and applied it in the scene and enabled Simulate Physics it work, but with the BP even if I enable simulate physics it doesn’t work.

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

The BP Screenshot, is this happening once or do you have a tick function at this? Make sure that the part of the Code that spawns the DM and
causes the impulse is only happening once!

Thanks! it works. :slight_smile:
it was on tick. XD