Poblem(s) with Physical Constraints

Hello, im trying to make a physical door. In the Viewport all works perfect, but
when i play the game as standalone, the door move up and down and i can’t use the door anymore.


Cheers :slight_smile:


Could you maybe try to duplicate your door blueprint (don’t make changes to the original) and then remove your SM_Door as parent? Just add a scene component and add it as the parent of all your things. The SM_Door should also be a child like the others of the scene component. I recreated your blueprint and both versions doesn’t do this on my machine. Just give it a try :).

Thanks @DarkGodsLair for trying to help me :),

Now the copy of the door blueprint move up and down in the viewport and in the standalone :frowning: .

Components of the copy:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s something similar to this?

When are you initializing the constraint?

Try delaying constraint initialization by a frame