PNG Is Messing Up Transparency

Hello all, I am trying to get some pngs as decals on my level. I created and exported the images in photoshop. I really have no idea why the materials would look like they do. Additionally is there a better way to get text on a surface?


You shouldnt use .pngs. Use TGA with 32bit for use with an alpha.

You need to change the material blend mode to translucent or masked and plug in the alpha channel.

Both Shirk and mlindborg are correct.

You should really avoid using PNG for transparency because of very inconsistent and terrible support for alpha channels. Some apps will delete color data from the RGB channels if there’s 100% transparency.

But the correct way to setup a material with transparency is to hook up the alpha channel on a texture (the grey/5th output on the texture) to the opacity or masked opacity input on the material node.

Ok so this is very good info and I have made changes to the image that were recommended and it looks better already. Pretty much I want there to be ‘Me’ printed on the side of this wall and I thought that the best way to do this was with decals. This is what it currently looks like.

rotate the decal its sideways